The start of a long journey

A slightly different post today, as I pen this on the bus north before the first flight from Auckland to San Francisco. No facts and figures but instead some thoughts on the first step of a long journey.

Six weeks of travel over three continents, meeting people from all walks of business and government to see how we might power up the provinces in New Zealand.
It has been tough saying goodbye. Leaving my wife and kids for such a long period of time has crept up quickly. It certainly sharpens the brain to remind me what is really important in this world. Oh for the innocence of youth that my nearly 4 year old son still has when he asks ‘why do you have tears in your eyes Dad?’ as we say goodbye.
I am aiming for as much immersion as possible, using time to think and reflect to allow insight and actions to emerge. How often do we get that chance? The last few months in particular have involved hundreds of hours burning the candle at both ends of the day. It took me back to the days of training for the Coast to Coast. The race is largely determined in the previous months and years of training. The logistics are critical and above all ‘attitude determines altitude’. However travelling brings more chance, unexpected opportunities and disappointment…what will the coming six weeks hold?
My reflection so far has been largely one of gratitude – for such an opportunity and most importantly the people who have helped me, not just recently but since day one.
Maybe now, just maybe, excitement might prevail over all the last minute jobs, logistical detail, fear and nervousness.
So begins the start of a long journey, there’s no turning back!


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