Starting out – the first blog

And so it begins. I’ve talked for too long about starting a blog, and finally here it is.

This will start out as my thoughts on economic development, as I head to the US, Europe and China on a Winston Churchill fellowship in mid 2015. Along the way it will include other perspectives on people, strategy, and change and how they all link to high performance. Where will it go from there?

Makes me think – what is it that holds people back? From starting, from continuing, from finishing. The answer is a whole lot of things…fear, procrastination, lack of resilience, attitude, impatience….

So, there it is. I’ve started, and it wish I’d done it earlier, because I’ve actually shipped that post I’d thought about for so long, and guess what, It only took 10 minutes to write on a bus early in the morning.

I’d appreciate your feedback and if you’re really keen, be my guest blogger…


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